Gas Burners

Oxilon offers wide range of Gas Burners with high efficiency, client friendly controlling system and environmental friendly emission values

"ABG" Series Gas Burners

Technical and functional features

  • Two stage operation (High/Low)
  • Gas burners for Natural gas / L.P .G..
  • Available for Bio-gas, Town gas & Producer gas.
  • Independent gas flow adjustment for each valve.
  • HI-Low version with electric servomotor and integrated systems
  • for the regulation of air and gas.
  • Compatible with any type of combustion chamber .
  • Burners are extremely easy to fit even on small boilers, thanks to their
  • compactness and exceptionally limited overall dimensions.
  • Monoblok casing is manufactured from high tensile aluminium. The
  • design offers easy access to every single component, an important factor when
  • comes repairing, cleaning or servicing the burner .


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