Heavy Oil Burners

"HMD" Series Heavy Oil Burners

Technical and functional features

  • Stepless Fully Modulating operation over the range.
  • Oil Burner for furnace Oil upto 50`E
  • Modulationg version with PID system controller with digital set point display and real time value
  • New designed proportional pressure ratio system for the modulation Version MD.
  • All Burners Complete with pre - heater management system.
  • Completely sealed aluminium casing wrapped with a New Modern Design cover.
  • Adjustable combustion head for fine tune regulation and matching with different shapes of combustion chamber .
  • User friendly burners, there are plugs which can be easily connected to the electrical supply line.
  • Compatible with any type of combustion chamber.
  • Compact in overall dimensions.
  • Photoresistance flame scanner.
  • Ring systems for Oil preparation can be designed and supply on request.
  • High Pressure Mechanical atomisation of fuel using Nozzle.
  • Continuous Ventilation available on request.
  • New high efficiency Fan ventilator designed to give flame stability and and easy matching .


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