Light Oil Burners

"OX" Series Light Oil Burners

Technical and functional features

  • Oil Burner for L.D.O. / H.S.D. / Diesel.
  • Available for Pyrolysis Oil & Kerosene.
  • Single Stage Operation ( ON/OFF )
  • High Pressure Mechanical atomisation of fuel using Nozzle.
  • Manual Air & Oil flow adjustment.
  • Monophase Electric Motor to run fan and pump.
  • Gear pump with pressure regulator .
  • Adjustable Combustion Head for fine tune regulation and matching with different shapes of combustion chamber.
  • Monoblock electrodes for easy and steady installation into the nozzle even after maintenance .
  • Photo resistance flame scanner .
  • Completely sealed aluminium casing wrapped with a new modern design cover .
  • Compatible with any type of combustion chamber.
  • Compact in overall dimensions.
  • User friendly burners, there are plugs which can be easily connected to the electrical supply line .
  • Burner mounted on single bolt mounting plate can be easily taken off for maintenance.
  • Continuous Ventilation available on request.


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