Gas & Heavy Oil Dual Fuel Burners

"MDXZ" Series Burners

Technical and functional features

  • Stepless fully modulating operation over the range
  • Dual fuel burner for Natural gas, L.P .G and Heavy Oil Up to 50`E
  • Available For Bio-gas,Town gas & Producer gas.
  • Modulating version with PID system controller with digital set point display
    And real time value .
  • Modulating version with electrical servomotor and double adjustable mechanical
    cam that allows air , gas and oil fine tuning .
  • All burners Complete with Pre-heater management systems.
  • Standard version running on manual fuel selection mode and on request automatic
    fuel changeover is available. The automatic changeover system can be triggered by
  • Gas pressure or by a timer .
  • Ring systems for Oil preparation can be designed and supply on request.
    Gear pump with pressure regulator .
  • Burner Mounted control panel containing all electrical burners sequence and
    safety controls .
  • Electrical Connection with 7 pole and 4 pole Male - Female socket set allowing all
    indications to machine panel.
  • Compact in overall dimensions.
  • Compatible with any type of combustion chamber .
  • New high efficiency fan ventilator designed to give flame stability and
    and easy matching .
  • Enjoy the benefit of price difference of fuels. By using a dual fuel burner we can save
    considerable running cost as compare to single fuel Burners.
  • Continuous Ventilation available on request. Either by continuous blower or by
    compressed air connection.


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