Furnace Oil Burners

Our firm is highly instrumental in the process of offering this range of Kerosene Burner to our customers at the most affordable prices. User friendly, this burner ideally suits burning applications requiring kerosene. Acting as a cost efficient medium, this burner helps save fuel power or energy and the cost of it. It can be availed from us at the most comprehensive prices.

Key features of Furnace Oil Burner

  • Suitable for HSD, LDO & SKO Oils
  • Provides for unmatched functional performance
  • Ideal for usage in areas like furnaces and other applications
  • Combustion head is designed for delivering superior performance & low emission
  • Customer friendly operating support
  • Suitable for atomizing heavy & light grade fuels
  • Reliable product quality
  • Delivering superior price/performance ratio
  • Combustion head developed for achieving high performance & low emission
  • Customer friendly operating console
  • Fully automatic operations in single stage/two stage/modulating versions
  • Some of the areas where these burners are used include Road Construction Machinery, Powder Coating, Air Heater, Super Heater, Metal Heat Treatment, Glass Printing & Design and others

Applications of Furnace Oil Burner

  • Steam Boiler
  • Hot Water Boiler
  • Thermic Fluid Heater
  • Hot Air Generator
  • Incinerator
  • Furnaces
  • Yarn Heat Setting
  • Road Construction Machinery
  • Metal Melting
  • Powder Coating Oven
  • Kitchen & Bakery Oven
  • Air Heater
  • Driers
  • Industrial Ovens
  • Super Heater
  • Ceramic Tiles Furnace
  • Metal Heat Treatment
  • Sizing Machine
  • Farsan & Sweet Furnace
  • Glass Printing & Design
  • Paper Packaging Industry
  • Textile Dyeing & Printing Machinery