Gas & Heavy Oil Dual Fuel Burners

"DLXZ" Series Oil Burners

Technical and functional features

  • Dual fuel burners are suitable to burn gas as well as Heavy oil.
  • Dual fuel burner for Natural gas,L.P .G.,and Heavy Oil
  • All burners Complete with Pre-heater management systems.
  • Available For Bio-gas,Town gas & Producer gas.
  • Burner for furnace Oil upto 50`E.
  • Single Stage Operation ( ON/OFF )
  • Single switch operation to change the Fuel.
  • Combustion head is designed for high performance and low emission in gas as well as
    in oil operation.
  • Manual Air ,Oil,and Gas Flow adjustment .
  • Ring systems for Oil preparation can be designed and supply on request.
  • Photo resistance flame scanner .
  • All Burners feature high versatility on different type of domestic, commercial
    and industrial application.
  • Burner Mounted control panel containg all electrical burners sequence and safety controls .
  • All regulation and setting devices are simple and practical for both fuels ,easy access
    to every part of the burner makes an easy maintenance procedure .
  • Completely sealed aluminium casing wrapped with a New Modern Design cover .\
  • Electrical connections with 7 pole Male - female socket set allowing all
  • Indications to machine panel.
  • Compact in overall dimensions
  • Continuous Ventilation available on request. Either by continuous blower or by
    compressed air connection.
  • Standard version running on manual fuel selection mode and on request automatic
    fuel changeover is available. The automatic changeover system can be trigged by
    gas pressure or by a timer
  • Enjoy the benefit of price difference of fuels by using a duel fuel burner we can save
    considerable running cost as compare to single fuel burner .


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